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VirtualBox 5 released

Just a heads-up. Oracle’s VirtualBox 5.0 has been released.

Head over to https://www.virtualbox.org/ and grab it while it’s still hot.

Windows 10 in VirtualBox video driver crashes (fix)

I’ve been running a copy (actually 2) of Windows 10 insider preview (build 130 currently) and regularly experience the issue where the video driver provided by VirtualBox crashes and the resolution drops to a standard size using the default Windows 10 display driver. The issue is Oracle (makers of VirtualBox) has not created a new video driver for Windows 10 yet – it is still the default one for Windows 8.x so it probably hasn’t been tested and optimized properly for Windows 10.

To fix the video drive I used to restart the VM which then restores the video driver and restores the resolution prior to the crash. Fortunately I came across some forum posting about another issue I know about on Windows 8 on ATI GPUs where the mouse cursor becomes corrupt that suggests to simply go to Device Manager and disable and then enable the video driver itself to fix the problem. Turns out this also works for Windows 10 video driver crashes. Doing it should not ‘break’ anything since the video driver is in a crashed state anyway when you disable it. After enabling it again Windows 10 automatically restores the previous resolution and all is happy in Insider Preview land again…

Update: I found a way to automate this solution using PowerShell! Using device-management-powershell-cmdlets I created a script that disables and then re-enables the display driver. e.g.

Import-Module "C:\Program Files\Common Files\DeviceManagement\DeviceManagement.psd1"
$DisplayDevice = Get-Device | Where-Object -Property Name -like "VirtualBox Graphics Adapter for Windows 8*"
Disable-Device -TargetDevice $DisplayDevice
Enable-Device -TargetDevice $DisplayDevice

This is assuming you copied the downloaded module to “C:\Program Files\Common Files\DeviceManagement”

Update: I probably should say ‘Touch Wood’ but ever since I upgraded to VirtualBox 5.0 I haven’t had any Display driver crashes again (on Windows 10 build 10166)

Windows 10 guest in VirtualBox – better GPU driver support

Just a heads-up for anyone that might be having issues with display driver issues in VirtualBox. There is an updated (test version) of the VBoxGuestAdditions add-ons available. See the following thread:


Direct download link: https://www.virtualbox.org/download/testcase/VBoxGuestAdditions_4.3.27-99864.iso

In the thread they also make other suggestions like turning 3D acceleration off if you can’t do anything else.

Upgrading Windows 10 from 10041 to 10049 issues

I’ve been running a copy of Windows 10 (build 10041) in a VirtualBox VM and had major problems trying to update it to build 10049 (yes on the fast track). Other than the fact that the update/install takes extremely long it also seems to get stuck at 30% – after having being running for more than 24 hours already! I tried multiple times and each time it got stuck at the same time.

So I ventured out on that thing the Internet and found possible related posts of other people having similar issues (on VMWare or even physical installs) – all complaining about the 30% mark where things get stuck. One suggestion caught my eye – sorry, lost the original link to that but basically it suggests disconnecting the network (or pulling the network cable on physical install) just after the update download finished. Additionally some VMWare people suggested removing their VMWare client tools.

So I tried the same on my VirtualBox install. First I uninstalled the VirtualBox client tools. Then I started the install (download). Once the download finished (again…) I disconnected the network (unticked ‘Cable Connected’) and whoa! The install jumped to 30% almost straight away, stayed there for a minute or two (almost made me think this is all for nothing..) and then the progress bar started moving again. Another reboot around 75% and then all were done! Wow!

Well, at least now I’m ‘back’ at build 10049 waiting for the next one (10051)…


Windows 8 Developer Preview in a VM

Well, I managed to download the developer preview (full 64-bit one) and tried to run it using VirtualBox. Unfortunately the standard settings of VirtualBox doesn’t work for this Beta/Alpha/Test version for Windows but fortunately someone managed to figure out how to change the settings to at least get this VM started (without the lovely new BSOD)

See http://forums.virtualbox.org/viewtopic.php?p=200748

Now touch wood everything else in the set up works.