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BizTalk and MSDTC

This is a quick post to summarize my frustrations about the process of setting up and configuring a BizTalk (2010) environment  on a multiple server environment.

If you encounter any/all of the following errors while doing the initial configuration:

  • Exception of type System.EnterpriseServices.TransactionProxyException was thrown
  • [WARN] AdminLib GetBTSMessage: hrErr=80070002; Msg=The system cannot find the file specified.;
  • [WARN] AdminLib GetBTSMessage: hrErr=c0c02560; Msg=Failed to read “KeepDbDebugKey” from the registry.

then start troubleshooting by looking at the following things:

  1. Check that MSDtc is installed, running and configured properly – especially the security settings. This apply to BOTH the SQL Server and all BizTalk servers! See the following screenshot:
    BizTalk MSDtc Security settings

    BizTalk MSDtc Security settings

    The Type of communication can be changed to Mutual or Incoming Caller but it HAS to be the same on all the machines (SQL and BizTalk servers)

  2. Check that MSDtc has been allowed access through the firewall – again on ALL machines including the SQL server!

    BizTalk/SQL MSDtc Firewall access

    BizTalk/SQL MSDtc Firewall access

  3. Check that the SQL Server Browser service is running on the SQL server machine.

I really hope that Microsoft will one day fix this issue where the Configuration Wizard does not check these things BEFORE you start trying to apply settings. It is really frustrating that you have to ‘stumble’ across this every time you set up a new environment – Yes you should check these things beforehand I know…

Origin client

There is one thing I hate more than the ending of Mass Effect 3… yep, you can guess it from the title…

How any major software/game company can produce a piece of c.r.a.p. like that I don’t know. The developers that wrote it must really be ashamed of themselves. You can’t be proud of something that virtually never works properly.

Somewhere after some recent update on either the Origin client or some Windows security patch I have been having major issues with this software. I use Windows 7 pro 64-bit. In the beginning the origin client manages to log in fine the first time I booted up my pc after getting back from work. Then if I leave it idle for a while doing other chores and stuff like supper and I come back nothing in and through the Origin client can connect any more. It gives a stupid error just saying it cannot connect to the Origin network. If I deliberately use a wrong password it does give an error that the username/password is incorrect. Trying the right username/password just keeps on giving the errors. I suspect it is timing out internally or there is some kind of resource/memory leak (just a raw suspicion)

The strange thing is my previous old computer I still use for general stuff and which physically stands next to the main pc connects fine using the Origin client. It still runs Windows XP  but it’s too old/slow to handle games. Both machines are connected to the exact same physical network switch. I installed Origin on this machine out of frustration just to see if the Origin network still works.

Using the ‘Reconnect’/’Go online’ option does not work. Neither does restarting the Origin client itself, or rebooting or flushing the dns (ipconfig trick) or netsh winsock reset statement or pulling the power on my network switch or disabled my firewall or run as ‘Admin’. Checked for any errors in the Windows Event logs (none). I’ve reinstalled the Origin client multiple times. Even downloaded a special version of the client they created for people with launching game issues. Nothing helps. I’ve searched the BioWare/EA forums for similar issues – lots of things that are similar but nothing that actually helps.

If the Origin client was a horse I would have taken it outside and shot it… Emptied whatever gun’s magazine I had on it!! If I had any more spare ammunition I would have reloaded and emptied that on it too!!!

If any one knows of a way to fix this issue please shout! Better yet, if EA can fix this piece of shitty software that would be wonderful! Best would be if we can play ME3 (SP/MP) without it altogether!!! Steam got some new respect from my side! At least it ‘works’ (despite it also having some issues when it started). It’s a big shame ME3 could not have been released on Steam.

Note: I even sent a copy of the error log file to EA support and they haven’t even bother to respond/acknowledge receipt of the message. So much for ‘client support’

Update: My Origin connection problems magically ended when I changed my machine’s IP address from dynamic to static…. go figure… (plus I reverted back to 2.5.8 version as well.)

Lets take a step back…

Just could not resist posting this. Was reading a article on ‘TechReport.com‘ where one of the comments on the article goes like this:

What’s the deal with ruining interfaces everywhere? It’s almost like everyone is competing, who will make the worst one.

Ribbon, Linux Unity, now Windows 8… Why?!” – Madman

This is so ironic on so many levels… But it’s so true. Lately a lot of things feel like they are moving in the wrong direction (don’t even start on politics…).

The only good ‘step backwards’ is the one where you retreat a few steps to look at this bigger picture – just to realize it might actually look worse! haha (in a chokingly desperate voice…)

GMail 2 step verification breaks older devices

This morning I had the wonderful experience of (never be evil) Google breaking something again. With all the security issues flying around they introduced something called 2 step verification for things like accessing your gmail, gtalk etc. Problem is, it breaks older apps like the Gmail app on my HTC HD2 phone – which cannot be updated since (those other wonderful friends…) Microsoft and HTC don’t support/update the older Windows phone devices anymore.

Even after disabling 2 step verification the GMail app on the phone is broken – meaning despite the setting disabled at Google something is still blocking the phone app from connecting and accessing my email.

Thanks Google, you are becoming just like… those other friends of ours… Stop breaking existing things and rather fix the ‘real’ problem.

RegexOptions.Compiled and x64 are not friends

As part of my attempt to use the FastColoredTextBox control I stumble across one of those undocumented .Net bugs that has been laying around for some time without being fixed – The Regex class with RegexOptions.Compiled option compiled under x64 or (Any CPU) that executes extremely slowly. In fact, it performs so slowly that it appears the whole application is frozen for a few minutes while the memory usage slowly climbs to ridiculous levels.

There are only 2 solutions to this issue for now: (1) compile all assemblies with x86 option only (not great if you are running on 64-bit) or (2) do not use the RegexOptions.Compiled option. For me the latter is a better choice since there is hardly a different between compiled and not compiled regular expression processing times – that I can see and certainly better than waiting minutes for a frozen app to start reacting again.

Thanks Microsoft for this one. Great way to waste time trying to look for problems in you own app while it is their crap breaking stuff.


The future of development on Windows

Thanks to a link on Slashdot (yes, I read that too) I came across an article on Arstechnica about the (possible) future of development on the Windows platform in the future.

After the initial announcement that Microsoft is changing the fundamental way Windows 8 and writing custom applications they went into a ‘information freeze’ and are not giving more info on the subject. The reaction of several bloggers and the speculation that follows isn’t making things better. The Html5 and JavaScript message may not be the all and everything.

However, from the leaked (or released) testing versions so far it seems the situation is a bit more complex but perhaps not as bad as some developers are fearing. The author of the article goes on explaining the history around how longhorn was planned but ultimately dropped to support only existing (at that time) technologies. It can only be that the internal politics inside Microsoft causes so much turmoil and the ‘old’ side won. A lot of newly planned technologies got dropped in the process and the result was Windows XP without all those features promised (like WinFX etc). Then that Windows XP and the hackers story started and further derailed any possibility of new technology getting into the core platform. Even now with Windows 7 the .Net framework and related technologies are really only an ‘add-on’ and not used by the core of the OS. This is (according to the article) where Windows 8 is going to change things again – big time!

If the article proof to be accurate then there may be some hope for Microsoft still. The problem is just that old enemy – themselves, as internal fighting against change might make things more difficult. However, because of the changes in the market recently (last few years) Microsoft might not have the luxury anymore to just play around and ignore the internal politics. They have been surpassed by several competitors (yes, not just Apple) and survival is not guaranteed anymore. Any bugger-ups now can actually cause the company to go the way of the dodo. They better get it right. Perhaps with this thread hanging over their heads they are taking things more seriously and that is why they are not talking openly anymore about internal changes. The only next planned release of a build of the new Windows is scheduled around September so we’ll have to wait and see if/how things have changed.

In the mean while it might be a good thing to continue learn how to use XAML and WPF… (even though WPF is giving me headaches 😉 )

Windows 8 and compatibility

Yesterday I saw an article on Ars technica about how Microsoft is planning to give Windows 8 a totally new API (Application Programming Interface) that will break compatibility with most existing and past development tools – like Visual Studio. If this proof to be true then I think Microsoft has just signed their own death warrant (from an individual developer point of view). So much for having a usable Operating System (from a developmental view). All the experience we ‘developers’ gained the last decade or so will be basically useless (except HTML and JavaScript).

In a way I can understand why Microsoft would be doing such a thing. They are desperately trying to play catch-up in the market and needs to do more and more radical things just to stay relevant and alive . They have never been strong in creating a development technology and sticking with it. There is too much internal politics and infighting going on. The result is that they are failing faster and faster each time. But don’t count them out yet – Apple was once in that position and jumped back into life. For Microsoft’s sake lets hope they can also do it. Perhaps they must use their billions while they still have some to buy Steve Jobs 😉 – or ask uncle Bill to come out of retirement.

I must admit I really like C# so it would be a sad day if I have to hang up my C# ‘gloves’, so to speak.
Well, if I have to abandon the development knowledge gained the last decade I would rather choose something that will not limit me to Windows and Microsoft only. Ironically it will probably turn out to be something in the line of HTML and JavaScript. Perhaps Microsoft has a good idea there but it won’t help them keeping the skills in ‘their court’ since these are open standard technologies. In the next couple of years things could get really interesting (or chaotic…)

Downside of democracy

The following is just a thought… or two about this subject.

In principle democracy is a good thing but what happens if the majority of people are idiots that don’t know or care about the greater good? You end up with with a bigger mess than any non-democratic system can create…

Windows Mobile 6.5.x , GMail and IMAP broken

If you are one of the ‘lucky’ ones still using a Windows Mobile 6.5 phone and reading your gmail using the standard imap interface (the default way) then your phone is screwed. Apparently Google made some change on their side that does not play nice with the imap client software on these devices. The result is that the tmail.exe process goes haywire and runs at 100% (or close) of CPU time. This has the effect that the device is first, extremely slow, the battery drains in something like just an hour or two and your gmail is not actually working anymore.

Early suggestions to temporarily fix this was to switch the receiving server (protocol) from imap.google.com to pop.google.com but even this didn’t help me. Even setting the refresh polling to manually cause the process to spike which cause the same problem. So for now I had to totally remove the gmail account just to get the rest of the phone to work normally.

Mode details here.

Hopefully they will fix it soon!

[Update: I’m glad to report it looks like they solve the problem!]