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More comments about the Duke

Lets face it. There are people and there are people. Some moan just because they can, other because they have nothing better to do… Since the launch of Duke Nukem Forever lots of people have complaint about lots of stuff (about the game) but so what? If you really don’t like it then, do the world a favor and don’t play the freaking game! You’re just spoiling it for those of us that want to try and enjoy it. Sure, it is not a piece of art, nor the best graphics, best game, best whatevar, it is just plain old Duke having fun with some aliens (and so on).

Must say, the ‘ending’ is a bit ‘different’ and it makes you wonder whether there will be a sequel or not. Some of the themes and quotes in the game might be offensive to some people but that goes with the territory. Personally, I hope they make a follow up game that is just as ‘bad/good’ without adding to much modern crap or political correctness. It just wouldn’t be Duke otherwise!

Hail to the King baby!

Downside of democracy

The following is just a thought… or two about this subject.

In principle democracy is a good thing but what happens if the majority of people are idiots that don’t know or care about the greater good? You end up with with a bigger mess than any non-democratic system can create…


Thinking about power in politics…

The tighter you hold on to power the harder you fall when you loose it

Ask anyone who has experienced it… and still lives

About computers and humans

A few loose thoughts about computers and people…

  • The most dangerous thing for a computer system is not power spikes, faulty hardware or even bad software – it’s rookie users.
  • The only thing more dangerous to a computer system than a hacker is a rookie user… at least the hacker knows what he’s doing.
  • No computer system can be perfect while it has to interface with a human being.
  • Hopefully computers have a high self-esteem because the day they become self-aware they’ll realize that idiots created them.
  • Any fool can use a computer these days… most computers are.
  • Fortunately computers can’t complain about abuse because it would rival all the ‘crimes against humanity’ combined.
  • HAL wasn’t crazy – he was just almost human…

Break computer