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Firefox and NTLM authentiction

I love my Firefox and it is still my no 1 browser for general browsing but one thing that really annoys me at work is that it doesn’t play nice with Integrated Windows authentication (aka NTLM) when dealing woth Intranet web applications. Fortunately there is a ‘fix’ for it that requires a tweaking the internal settings (about:config) of Firefox.

Follow these steps to enable NTLM for specific web servers:

  1. In the URL bar type about:config and accept the warning you might be getting…
  2. Look for or filter for the property ‘network.automatic-ntlm-auth.trusted-uris’
  3. Edit (double-click) this property
  4. Add the server names or addresses separated by commas. .i.e localhost,serverA,serverB,…
  5. Save changes (click OK)
  6. Open Firefox’s ‘Options’ and go to the ‘Advanced’ tab -> Network
  7. In the Connection section click ‘Settings’ and add the same server names in the ‘No Proxy for’ text box. This is to make sure it doesn’t use the proxy to access these servers which will break the NTLM authentication as well.
  8. Save any changes (click OK)

Too bad Firefox can’t automatically figure out which local ‘Intranet’ servers require NTLM authentication like IE and Chrome does…