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Rule of odds

Well, this is not strictly a rule per se but it does feel like one. After reading one of the comments on a Tomshardware article I think this deserve some mentioning 🙂

If you judge the Windows releases throughout the years (well averages..) you get this:

win 95: bad
win 98: good (yes actually SE)
win me: bad
win xp:good
win vista: bad
win 7: good
win 8: i think you can guess it now…

Apparently this concept works for Star Trek movies as well 😉 And I was hoping for a ‘good’ next Star Trek movie…

Post PC world

I read somewhere this morning (one of the RSS feeds from techreport.com) about someone (not pointing fingers) that made another claim that we are going into the ‘post-pc’ world… Right, I almost burst out in loud laughter!


So what exactly is a ‘personal computer’? Or more specifically, what do you understand from the words ‘personal’ and ‘computer’? Surely anything that has computing power – like a classical ‘PC’, smart phone, tablet, laptop, abacus 😉 etc. and is a personal ‘possession’ can be classified as a ‘personal computer’… sorta. Yes, even that fancy stupid little iPad/iPhone etc falls under that description. Actually, it is just another iteration of the ‘personal computer’ idea. Nothing more. Move along fruity fanboys.. 🙂


The conclusion I can make about these statements (like mentioned in the first paragraph) is that it is merely a ‘sales’ pitch from someone trying to sell or market something they will get some benefit from. Period.

Desktop computer

Now here is a device that may be becoming a bit ‘old’. But I doubt it will disappear anytime soon. All we really still need from them is to be able to ‘verbally’ respond back to our commands… er wait, that is my 2051 comment for pc’s… Anyway, Don’t always believe what those sales/marketing crooks tell ya. All they really want is your money!


Is it just me or does Google+ seem very quiet lately? At one point people were raving and bragging about how much better it is than that ‘other’ social site. Seems the ‘show’ is over and the people got bored with it being just ‘another’ social web site ‘out there’. I guess you sometimes win and sometimes loose… right google?

Thankfully Microsoft didn’t get crazy and created their own version… oh wait, they had one for years but no one is paying attention to it anymore anyway… Windows Live which should rather be called Windows dying.. (just joking).

At least Microsoft don’t push it in your face anymore so it is not that bad. I still use my Hotmail account – which I incidentally had since ‘BEFORE’ Microsoft bought Hotmail all those many moons ago.

Anyway, was fun while it lasted. Cheers G-.. I mean +, whatevar

It’s environmental

Just have to share this quickly. If you have a problem on a machine/computer/server and you cannot pin-point the exact problem you can always blame it on being ‘environmental’ with the emphasis on the ‘mental’ part…

Duke Nukem not so fornever

Well, apparent the almost impossible has happened. For years it was black listed as just vaporware but now finally after years of waiting my copy of DNF is on its way.

I played the demo and was just semi impressed – actually, the only part that really impressed is that it was released at all and playable but… lets not beat down the king while he’s rising! You don’t play a game like this because it is better than other games – rather because it is a classic.

Now only the courier company must put some speed inside their delivery vans!

Soon it should be time to chew a$$ and kick bubblegum!


[Update: so the courier made it – perhaps he was chased by an pig alien… hehe]

Downside of democracy

The following is just a thought… or two about this subject.

In principle democracy is a good thing but what happens if the majority of people are idiots that don’t know or care about the greater good? You end up with with a bigger mess than any non-democratic system can create…

Winning lotto or something

What would you do if you win a few million in the lotto?

I’ll start by paying the tax man…

And if asked – what about the rest?

They’ll have to wait…