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CodePlex shutting down

So with all good things in life I recently learned that CodePlex is shutting down. This is of course a huge bummer for me as a number of my projects have source code that is hosted there.

Particularly QuickMon would be affected. I’ve already moved the source code repository over to GitHub ( and will be moving the rest over the coming weeks until the whole project is live there. There is also the problem that all current versions of QuickMon 4 points to CodePlex for checking for new version updates but I’ll release one last version or version 4 pointing to the new repository – hopefully soon.

The rest of my projects will be moved as well as time permits. Wish me luck…

QuickMon 4

Just a quick post to announce the first (official) release of QuickMon 4.

There might be some minor bugs that must be ironed out but the basic product is done.

Have fun.

QuickMon 4 Beta

Heads up folks! A public Beta of QuickMon 4 has been released. Please go to QuickMon to download and play with it.

People that has not seen the Alpha yet would notice some major changes compared to version 3.x. The biggest change it that a Collector (now called Collector host) can contain multiple agents of multiple types all tested together to raise one single alert if needed. Of course you can still use it the old way with a collector host containing only a single agent type and have child collector hosts depending on it.

Another area of big change is that viewing the details of a collector’s state, stats, history, alert details and other info gathered are all placed inside a single view (window). This makes it a lot easier to see what is happening with alerts. This detail view is now also ‘Remote host’ aware so it will run and gather details from a (QuickMon 4) remote host as if it is running on ‘that’ machine.

Ok, go download it and have fun… and report back if you have issues or suggestions.

QuickMon HTTP Activation catch

I recently created a test Windows 8 (8.1) VM to just play around and took the opportunity to test the QuickMon install as well. Usually I simply test on my own machine where I know it works already. This is of course not a major problem in itself but it means I’m not testing what will happen to the tool if you install it on a fresh/clean machine.

Surprisingly/luckily just about everything worked first time – not that I expected less (ye ye a bit arrogant I know 😉 ) and I was happy that QuickMon ‘out of the box’ is so good. However…. there is one thing that did not work as expected (ok ok it did not work at all) – The Remote host functionality built into the Windows Service.

This is actually not a QuickMon problem per se – it is a requirement of or dependency on the underlying operating system that the WCF functionality must be available. The remote host functionality of QuickMon uses HTTP Activation which is not installed by default on a new Windows 8 (or probably previous versions) installation.

The ‘fix’ is really simple – simply go to ‘Control Panel’ -> ‘Turn Windows features on or off’ -> .Net Framework 4.5 Advanced Services (or 4.0 if present) -> WCF Services -> check HTTP Activation on. Then do a reboot even though Windows doesn’t ask for it after the install – somehow the functionality does not really work right away. It should then be working provided you checked all the other know issues – like firewalls and stuff.

I’ll see if I can build in some check into the service itself to generate an error (Event log or something) to high-light if this feature is not available on the operating system where it needs to run.

One more thing to add to QuickMon… hehe

QuickMon 3.7

It has been a while since I mentioned any updates of my QuickMon monitoring tool. It has now reached version 3.7 with many new and improved features. There are so many that I can’t remember all of them now but here are some highlights:

  • Context menu for Collectors (and Notifiers) improved
  • View statistics of collector polls
  • Copy and Paste of Collectors or whole branches in the tree view
  • General UI has been simplified (several times)
  • Remote Agents (query resources via another machine)
  • An OleDb query collector has been added (with limitations)
  • Restoration scripts (opposite or corrective scripts)
  • Alert suppression based on # of polls
  • Ability to register the Service (and remote host) plus add firewall exception rule from application itself
  • Some minor fixes to existing collectors


Get it from CodePlex here.

QuickMon 3

QuickMon 3 has been released (3.1 is already out)

Hope you like it and please give feedback. To see some screen shots look at this.

QuickMon 3 Beta

A quick heads-up. I’ve released a Beta version of QuickMon3 on CodePlex. I’ll post a more detail listing of all the features once the final version is relased but here is a quick summary:

1. Introduction of ‘Remote agents’, aka The Windows service acts as a remote host so collectors can be run as if they run on the host machine (where the service runs). It makes use of WCF.
2. Consolidation of existing Ping collectors (ICMP, HTTP and sockets)
3. Simplification of UI (as far as possible)
4. ‘Editing’ configuration can be done straight from the main UI (no separate editing window)
5. ‘Service windows’ have been changed a bit (simplified I hope)
6. It is not 100% compatible with qmconfig files of version 2.0 (will attempt to upgrade them but then QuickMon 2 won’t be able to use them anymore.
7. It can run side-by-side with QuickMon 2 – provided it is installed into a separate directory (default anyway)

QuickMon 3 use the .Net 4.0 framework and was developed using VS2013 Express for Desktop. It has been tested on Windows 7 (x64), Windows 8, 2003, 2008 so far – but it should work on all versions compatible with .Net 4.0.

Go grab it here.

MainWindow Example

MainWindow Example

QuickMon 2.13

Just a quick heads-up for any QuickMon users. A new version was added recently with a couple of small but nice improvements.

Some of the changes:

  • UI client now automatically refresh the config of ‘Detail’ windows (if the particular Collector’s config was edited)
  • The WMI collector was basically rewritten to improve it and add a little WMI query builder interface. This help people that are not experts using WMI syntax or know all the classes/properties that are available.


Event Scavenger 5

Seems like life is just getting more hectic these days. I’ve been running version 5 of my Event gathering tool for a while after I ‘upgraded’ the product last year already but never had the time to actually create any way to package it so others can also use it.

Part of the problem was that I decided to use a new Installer technology (thanks to the brilliant minds at MindLessoft formerly known as Microsoft…) – Wix. Unfortunately Wix is not exactly a walk in the park thing to learn and with limited time it was very hard to create anything that is kinda useful.

Anyway, to make a short story long… I decided to just go ahead and publish the latest version with whatever installers I managed to create up to now (and hope for the best).

So, there is a new ‘stable’ release of Event Scavenger on the CodePlex site. Good luck and may the force be with you…

QuickMon 2.8

I recently got a few suggestions about additional functionality that could be useful in my QuickMon tool – extending Collector service window options and supporting TLS in the SMTP notifier. Both of these modifications have been implemented with some modifications or further enhancements.

Also recently I added a new collector to call SOAP Web services which allows you poll/test web service responses and report success/failure based on specified criteria.

In the mean while I’m looking to add some performance counter functionality into the base component of QuickMon so it would be possible to monitor it (monitor the monitor kind of idea…). The intention is that then you can see that QuickMon is actually performing work and you get some idea of how busy it is.

Then, since version 2.7 I have a new icon/logo for the product – two lighting bolts that are shaped to look like a ‘Q’ (sort of). It looks better than the previous dark colored arrow logo.


The UI tool statuses icons have also been updated to use the logo plus the previous colored orbs/balls.

Go grab it here.