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Mess Effect Andromeda – part 2

The following is (just) my opinion about the whole Mass Effect Andromeda mess. You are welcome to disagree or agree but I know for a fact I’m not the only one thinking like I do.

Mass Effect Andromeda had so much potential. No, really, it could have been so much more. In the beginning (before the release) it seemed like this could be all we ever wanted – Continuing the Mass Effect story (minus Sheppard of course), exciting new game play/mechanics etc – in hind sight it was probably over-hyped but still, it could have been so much more…

The Good
As far as I’m concern the game itself wasn’t too bad – actually, it was pretty good. Sure, it had its share of issues – bugs, weird graphics anomalies and so on but those are all things that are easily fixable (and BioWare did fix some, perhaps most of them). Most of the characters were good or perhaps just ok (except Liam but that’s another story). Drack was/is still my favorite – perhaps better than old Wrex/Grunt.

The Bad
The biggest ‘issue’ I have is with the attitude EA/BioWare seems to have towards the game’s future and more importantly, how they treated us (or the lack thereof) – the fans of the game/series. It is also not like they gave up just at the end. Even shortly after the game was released there were already internal rumblings, cracks in the matrix… staff being moved around and away from working on Mass Effect. Then there is also the lack of feedback during all this and especially the time that people were complaining or asking for updates about the Quarian ark story line. The complete silence gives a distinct impression that they never intended to actually complete the game. It feels like they purposely abandoned everything just because it is convenient or they had another agenda from the start. This lack of feedback and support is insulting, they might as well have spit in our faces. At the end of the day ‘we’ did not get the basic thing we wanted – a true and a completed story of Mass Effect. If they came back to us saying it will take some time complete the Quarian ark story line that would have been still acceptable. I would have happily waited for it to be finished and then paid money when it was released. But no, that did not happen….

And this leads us to…
The result of this is a big distrust in EA/BioWare and their ability to deliver anything of value. The ending of Mass Effect 3 was not ideal… okay it was bad enough… and now they further insult us by abandoning something before it was even complete or even had a chance to redeem the mess they made.

I for one will be very careful in the future buying anything from EA/BioWare. I thought I could give them the benefit of the doubt after ME3 but sadly I was wrong. They never really planned to deliver anything good. Even Anthem might be just another over-hyped, money sucking black hole created only to make them rich which they’ll happily abandon when it suits them. This is not how you treat your customers.

From one unhappy Child0fThessia.