Monthly Archives: February 2015

QuickMon 4 Beta

Heads up folks! A public Beta of QuickMon 4 has been released. Please go to QuickMon to download and play with it.

People that has not seen the Alpha yet would notice some major changes compared to version 3.x. The biggest change it that a Collector (now called Collector host) can contain multiple agents of multiple types all tested together to raise one single alert if needed. Of course you can still use it the old way with a collector host containing only a single agent type and have child collector hosts depending on it.

Another area of big change is that viewing the details of a collector’s state, stats, history, alert details and other info gathered are all placed inside a single view (window). This makes it a lot easier to see what is happening with alerts. This detail view is now also ‘Remote host’ aware so it will run and gather details from a (QuickMon 4) remote host as if it is running on ‘that’ machine.

Ok, go download it and have fun… and report back if you have issues or suggestions.