Monthly Archives: September 2014

QuickMon HTTP Activation catch

I recently created a test Windows 8 (8.1) VM to just play around and took the opportunity to test the QuickMon install as well. Usually I simply test on my own machine where I know it works already. This is of course not a major problem in itself but it means I’m not testing what will happen to the tool if you install it on a fresh/clean machine.

Surprisingly/luckily just about everything worked first time – not that I expected less (ye ye a bit arrogant I know 😉 ) and I was happy that QuickMon ‘out of the box’ is so good. However…. there is one thing that did not work as expected (ok ok it did not work at all) – The Remote host functionality built into the Windows Service.

This is actually not a QuickMon problem per se – it is a requirement of or dependency on the underlying operating system that the WCF functionality must be available. The remote host functionality of QuickMon uses HTTP Activation which is not installed by default on a new Windows 8 (or probably previous versions) installation.

The ‘fix’ is really simple – simply go to ‘Control Panel’ -> ‘Turn Windows features on or off’ -> .Net Framework 4.5 Advanced Services (or 4.0 if present) -> WCF Services -> check HTTP Activation on. Then do a reboot even though Windows doesn’t ask for it after the install – somehow the functionality does not really work right away. It should then be working provided you checked all the other know issues – like firewalls and stuff.

I’ll see if I can build in some check into the service itself to generate an error (Event log or something) to high-light if this feature is not available on the operating system where it needs to run.

One more thing to add to QuickMon… hehe