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CreateSqlDBHelper – Tool to create and set up database from scripts

I’ve done it again. re-invented the wheel… uhm, no. But I did create a tool to create and set up a new sql server database from scripts that can be launched from the command line. This could be useful if you must automate the process of setting up a test database each time you need to run a new set of tests.

It works like this (coomand line options)

Usage: CreateSqlDBHelper.exe <server> <database> <data files path> <-d> <script1.sql [script2.sql …]>
-d : drop database first

This allows you to specify a sql server/instance name, database name, path where the database files will be located plus any number of sql script files that needs to be run to set up a new database. Typically you’ll start by running scripts that will create tables, views, sprocs and also initial data rows etc. Optionally the tool can first ‘drop’ the existing database (but for now that requires a manual press ‘Y’ step). It makes use of the .Net 4.0 client framework plus SQL server SMO libraries – which come with SQL server…

You can find a copy of the tool here.


I’ve been wanting to creating something like this for myself for a while. A simple tool to quickly create a backup copy of a SQL Server database ‘structure’ (or schema if you will). It is really a simple command line tool that simply takes a few parameters like server\instance name, database, output directory and a prefix name for the output files.

It creates separate files for Tables, Views and Stored procedures (which includes UDFs)

Example usage:

SQLScripter.exe <-s:server> <-d:database> [-od:outputDirectory] [-p:prefixFileName]

Grab it here (plain exe in a zip file). It make use of the .Net 4.0 client framework.