Windows 8 – Down with Metro

No, I haven’t managed to get the latest build or RTM of it yet and neither am I going to rush out to get it. I played with the Developer preview and then again with the Consumer preview plus I’ve been following online all the ‘progress’ (or lack thereof) and thoughts of other people and reviewers.

In recent news two ‘Gaming’ companies gave Windows 8 a thumb down for their own reasons. They probably also have alternative motives which I don’t even know about right now – and don’t care about. My ‘beef’ with it is more on the productivity and corporate fronts.

Let me try to explain a bit more.

The vast majority of ‘users’ I know use the desktop in Windows like a… {drumroll} real desktop with Icons cluttered all over the show. Some may say that is untidy and unproductive but most people (me included I admit) ‘know’ exactly where I left stuff in that mess (yes and my wife also hates that… hehe ). It all forms part of my thought or work processes as I may not be done with something yet and want to go on or repeat that action or process at some time again. Sounds familiar? That is why I create custom shortcuts or leave some files on my desktop. Lots, if not the majority of users do that.

Now, Retro (cough I mean… Metro) was probably (in part) made to help clean up that messy practice – but here is the problem – just like when my wife (or maid or whoever) go an clean or pack away stuff that I left there where I know about it, Microsoft went and try to ‘fix’ something that ain’t broken. I absolutely hate this! If they have to ‘fix’ Metro to do this it will become just another ‘desktop’, duhhh.

Further, Metro looks more like a toddler interface meant for babies or (cough) idiots. Yeh, I know, it is intended for the more ‘mobile’ space like tablets but I’m using a ‘desktop’ computer so why must I also be forced feed this ugly interface? I admit, it has its advantages but I can happily live without most of them for my purposes.

The ideal would simply have been that we still had the option to make the ‘classical’ desktop the default upon starting Windows. It can be system setting that you can choose either during set-up or through control panel or whatever system configuration tool they use. I have a suspicion that somewhere down the line they (MS) will be forced to implement this – mark my words!

Until then, Windows 8 will not see any of my computers where I have a say about it.

Update: Well, apparently the name ‘Metro’ itself has become almost poison to Microsoft themselves -due to trademark issues with a German retailer (Metro AG).

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