Skyrim main quest done

I’ve now managed to complete the ‘main’ quest of the game and Alduin is no more. Still there are some dragons around to slay and some other quests to complete. Lately, I’ve been doing a lot around the thieves guild restoration so… my skills around that particular ‘job’ is increasing. Must say, you do get to wear a really cool leather/stealthy outfit that helps a lot with sneaking further on.

One thing I would have loved to have been able to do is actually riding the dragons (bit of a spoiler here) instead of just implying and quick jump to the location you are going to… I suppose that would have been a technical problem for the graphics or something but it would have been cool to see the world (Skyrim) from the air.

And the horses… I’m really getting a bit annoyed with them – either running away or doing stupid things or the fact that you cannot ‘reverse’ when you are in a tight spot (like right at the edge of a cliff). I’ve also managed to get onto the ‘wrong’ horse somewhere and only later realized it’s not mine – and it has the habit of walking away as soon as you climb off. They really should provide a way you can track your horse… really!

Being married in the game was interesting in the beginning but really, it gets boring after a couple of times the wife greets you with ‘hello my love’ or ‘I bet you must have had some interesting adventures’… She start reminding me of a robot… and you cannot even do some married things together… like… fighting, arguing, playing… hehe. And then there are the kids… some of them really becomes irritating but you cannot do anything about that… since it is politically incorrect these days.

I guess I’ll still be playing Skyrim for a while since Mass Effect 3 is only due in March or so next year. I just hope it will be as good or better than 2!


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