Skyrim getting boring?

Well, I’ve now done/completed something like 80% of the accomplishments of The Elder Scroll – Skyrim and trying complete some of the smaller side quests – seems boring but still, I just cannot seem to leave it alone somehow.

As a personal challenge/goal I now have started selling weapons I take from bandits – then heading out again to get some more bandits to ‘relieve’ them of their ‘stuff’… This is almost more fun than some other more complex quests I’ve done before. Essentially I’ve become a weapons merchant (in the game of course… đŸ˜‰ ) I still have a few thieve guild quests to do and most of the companions. Must say the (spoiler) werewolf transformation was a surprise… hmm

The wife is still sitting at home generating income – I actually use her (Ysolda) as one of the places I sell my ‘relieved’ items I gather. We moved to Markarth briefly to a fancy house but somehow Ysolda didn’t seem ‘happy’ there (not that her behaviour is any different from little house in our Whiterun…)

As far as horses are concerned… I’ve given up trying to find the ‘damn’ horse that ran away. Anyway, my armor and stamina are now strong enough to protect me along the way to destinations. Somewhere I lost a horse (one that I bought from Whiterun) and now I can’t buy a new one from the same stable.


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