How to remember 2011

The year is almost at an end and there is always the chance that something big can happen somewhere/sometime but here is a short list of major events that I can think about:

  • Riots in Egypt
  • Tsunami and Fukushima disaster in Japan
  • Royal wedding of Prince William
  • Death of Elizabeth Taylor
  • Death of Bin Laden
  • Last space shuttle flight
  • Death of Steve Jobs
  • Death of Gaddafi
  • Floods in Thailand
  • World population reach 7 Billion

Also worth mentioning is that it is the 10th anniversary of 9-11. The weather is weirder as ever and debt is so high around the world that paying up is impossible. Locally we have a ‘new South Africa’ that is more and more looking (worse than) like the old one. Sounds all doom and gloomy but we are getting used to it by now – well almost. 🙂

If I can make a prediction or two (but don’t quote me on this): The weather will become even stranger, governments around the world will become even less popular by their people, debt will increase even more and Microsoft may or may not release Windows 8 but no one will actually care about it… The Mayans version of the Y2k bug will drive a few people mad and the world will not end (yet).

On a positive note (provided they don’t have a death wish) Bioware will release Mass Effect 3 and the world will heroically be saved by Commander Sheppard (in my case for some reason she happens to be a woman…).

Have a good remainder of 2011 and don’t drink and drive, text and drive or anything else that may interfere with driving – ok best is stay home and avoid driving altogether…

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