Don’t mess with Riften

Another Skyrim tale to tell. The other day I was in Riften minding my own business (secret thieve stuff or something) when a dragon attacked. It was almost evening. I ran, looking for the best places to hide, attack and so on. It wasn’t long before the whole town got into the fight and some chaos followed. The dragon landed behind the temple of Mara (doing the things dragons do while on the ground). I rushed in for the kill – but before I could claim the dragon all by myself the rest of the town was there – all slashing, slicing, shooting (biting and scratching if they could). The poor dragon didn’t stand a chance! It was the quickest dragon kill I’ve seen to date. I almost felt sorry for him!

So, next time you’re in Riften, show some respect! These folks don’t play with dragons… they have them for a midnight snack! Ouch

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