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Skyrim getting boring?

Well, I’ve now done/completed something like 80% of the accomplishments of The Elder Scroll – Skyrim and trying complete some of the smaller side quests – seems boring but still, I just cannot seem to leave it alone somehow.

As a personal challenge/goal I now have started selling weapons I take from bandits – then heading out again to get some more bandits to ‘relieve’ them of their ‘stuff’… This is almost more fun than some other more complex quests I’ve done before. Essentially I’ve become a weapons merchant (in the game of course… đŸ˜‰ ) I still have a few thieve guild quests to do and most of the companions. Must say the (spoiler) werewolf transformation was a surprise… hmm

The wife is still sitting at home generating income – I actually use her (Ysolda) as one of the places I sell my ‘relieved’ items I gather. We moved to Markarth briefly to a fancy house but somehow Ysolda didn’t seem ‘happy’ there (not that her behaviour is any different from little house in our Whiterun…)

As far as horses are concerned… I’ve given up trying to find the ‘damn’ horse that ran away. Anyway, my armor and stamina are now strong enough to protect me along the way to destinations. Somewhere I lost a horse (one that I bought from Whiterun) and now I can’t buy a new one from the same stable.


Skyrim main quest done

I’ve now managed to complete the ‘main’ quest of the game and Alduin is no more. Still there are some dragons around to slay and some other quests to complete. Lately, I’ve been doing a lot around the thieves guild restoration so… my skills around that particular ‘job’ is increasing. Must say, you do get to wear a really cool leather/stealthy outfit that helps a lot with sneaking further on.

One thing I would have loved to have been able to do is actually riding the dragons (bit of a spoiler here) instead of just implying and quick jump to the location you are going to… I suppose that would have been a technical problem for the graphics or something but it would have been cool to see the world (Skyrim) from the air.

And the horses… I’m really getting a bit annoyed with them – either running away or doing stupid things or the fact that you cannot ‘reverse’ when you are in a tight spot (like right at the edge of a cliff). I’ve also managed to get onto the ‘wrong’ horse somewhere and only later realized it’s not mine – and it has the habit of walking away as soon as you climb off. They really should provide a way you can track your horse… really!

Being married in the game was interesting in the beginning but really, it gets boring after a couple of times the wife greets you with ‘hello my love’ or ‘I bet you must have had some interesting adventures’… She start reminding me of a robot… and you cannot even do some married things together… like… fighting, arguing, playing… hehe. And then there are the kids… some of them really becomes irritating but you cannot do anything about that… since it is politically incorrect these days.

I guess I’ll still be playing Skyrim for a while since Mass Effect 3 is only due in March or so next year. I just hope it will be as good or better than 2!


How to remember 2011

The year is almost at an end and there is always the chance that something big can happen somewhere/sometime but here is a short list of major events that I can think about:

  • Riots in Egypt
  • Tsunami and Fukushima disaster in Japan
  • Royal wedding of Prince William
  • Death of Elizabeth Taylor
  • Death of Bin Laden
  • Last space shuttle flight
  • Death of Steve Jobs
  • Death of Gaddafi
  • Floods in Thailand
  • World population reach 7 Billion

Also worth mentioning is that it is the 10th anniversary of 9-11. The weather is weirder as ever and debt is so high around the world that paying up is impossible. Locally we have a ‘new South Africa’ that is more and more looking (worse than) like the old one. Sounds all doom and gloomy but we are getting used to it by now – well almost. đŸ™‚

If I can make a prediction or two (but don’t quote me on this): The weather will become even stranger, governments around the world will become even less popular by their people, debt will increase even more and Microsoft may or may not release Windows 8 but no one will actually care about it… The Mayans version of the Y2k bug will drive a few people mad and the world will not end (yet).

On a positive note (provided they don’t have a death wish) Bioware will release Mass Effect 3 and the world will heroically be saved by Commander Sheppard (in my case for some reason she happens to be a woman…).

Have a good remainder of 2011 and don’t drink and drive, text and drive or anything else that may interfere with driving – ok best is stay home and avoid driving altogether…

Sci-fi encyclopedia

At a point (perhaps even now) I had an idea to do something like this for myself. Recently after years of work a new web/Wiki site went online that is a good reference to all things sci-fi.

Although probably not fully complete and possibly not 100% accurate the site at least gives us sci-fi lovers a place to look up and read about the genre that seems to be shrinking lately.

DirectorySearcher and SizeLimit

Seems like each time you actually wants to use some MS technology for real you find a serious bug in it…

If you query active directory to get a list of say, all the machines on the network and the list happens to be bigger than a 1000 items there is a problem using DirectorySearcher. There is a property called SizeLimit but even if you set it to anything larger than a 1000 it always only return a 1000 items.

Fortunately (like a lot of other cases) there is a way around it. DirectorySearcher have another property for PageSize which if you set that then the size limit is ignored and you can access more than the 1000 items.


string filter = “(objectCategory=Computer)”;
using (DirectorySearcher searcher = new DirectorySearcher(filter))
//searcher.SizeLimit = 2000; //ignored
searcher.PageSize = 1000;
SearchResultCollection matches = searcher.FindAll();
foreach (SearchResult match in matches)
DirectoryEntry de = match.GetDirectoryEntry();


Don’t mess with Riften

Another Skyrim tale to tell. The other day I was in Riften minding my own business (secret thieve stuff or something) when a dragon attacked. It was almost evening. I ran, looking for the best places to hide, attack and so on. It wasn’t long before the whole town got into the fight and some chaos followed. The dragon landed behind the temple of Mara (doing the things dragons do while on the ground). I rushed in for the kill – but before I could claim the dragon all by myself the rest of the town was there – all slashing, slicing, shooting (biting and scratching if they could). The poor dragon didn’t stand a chance! It was the quickest dragon kill I’ve seen to date. I almost felt sorry for him!

So, next time you’re in Riften, show some respect! These folks don’t play with dragons… they have them for a midnight snack! Ouch

GMail 2 step verification breaks older devices

This morning I had the wonderful experience of (never be evil) Google breaking something again. With all the security issues flying around they introduced something called 2 step verification for things like accessing your gmail, gtalk etc. Problem is, it breaks older apps like the Gmail app on my HTC HD2 phone – which cannot be updated since (those other wonderful friends…) Microsoft and HTC don’t support/update the older Windows phone devices anymore.

Even after disabling 2 step verification the GMail app on the phone is broken – meaning despite the setting disabled at Google something is still blocking the phone app from connecting and accessing my email.

Thanks Google, you are becoming just like… those other friends of ours… Stop breaking existing things and rather fix the ‘real’ problem.

Event log notifier for QuickMon

I’ve eventually added an Event log notifier for QuickMon. It is actually really simple and does a basic job of logging alerts to the event log. It could be useful for those users that might not have a full SQL server database to log alerts to.

Some features:

* It use the alert level for the event log entry ‘type’ – like warning or error.
* You can log events to the local and remote event logs – but remember the permissions!
* The event source can be customized – including 2 macros for specifying the collector name or type.

Have fun monitoring!