The day the world lost Jobs

Today is a sad day for the IT industry (but the whole world as well). One of the great names of the industry has passed away – Steve Jobs. Whether you like or dislike his company or products you have to admit that he had a big influence – mostly positive, even if you are supporting one of his rivals!

This morning I got up an hour too early… thanks to the new Microsoft Windows Phone Mango update that for some reason changed my regional settings to ‘Damascus’ duh! They (the Damascusians) must be on daylight savings time or something since their time is one hour ahead of us (here in good old SA). I got up doing all my usual routine stuff – throwing the dogs out the backdoor hehe no actually just setting up their food and beds outside – I noticed I could still see the stars, which is weird as lately it is getting light the time when I got up, but I didn’t ‘register’ it in my head just yet. Only a few minutes later the wife asks me why the radio clock still says it is 4:50! oops! So there I was an hour too early to go to work. Played a bit more with my Mango when I came across the Twitter entries from people about mr Jobs….

So, thanks (semi sarcastically) to Microsoft to wake me up early this morning just to realize the world has lost ‘Jobs’…

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