IT ‘tips’

A few ‘IT’ tips

1. When you are looking into a problem – always check the obvious things first

2. If you cannot solve a problem yourself – read the manual

3. Don’t trust users to explain ‘what’ the problem is. Those are just symptoms

4. Remember, computers ‘can’ make mistakes – very fast ones these days!

5. Out of memory errors usually are not because of memory problems…

6. Never give users more functionality than they need – otherwise you have to maintain that too!

7.  The best debugging tool is a message box (alert in js) – just don’t forget to take them out again!

and some general wishdom…

1. Never assume things will always go well. They generally have a habit not to

2. Never underestimate the power or impact of users doing stupid things

3. You only get 2 kinds of hard drives… those that have failed, and those that soon will. Apparently these days this rule applies to most hardware components…

4. Crysis wasn’t created in one day, but you can play through it in a day

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