Windows 8 – A couple of follow-up thoughts

I must admit I haven’t done extreme testing or anything hectic with it yet but there are a couple of irritating things about the Windows 8 Developer Preview. Hopefully these will only be issues that is due to the ‘test/beta’ status of Windows 8 and that they improve some things along the way.

At the moment I have two big’ish issues with the Developer Preview.

1. The Metro interface – I don’t have an actual problem with it as such except that you don’t have the option to easily disable it and return to the more classical Windows 7 desktop. It may be great for tablets or other portable devices with touch screens but not on a work related PC – and definitely not for legacy applications.

2. Internet connectivity is absolutely required – Not everyone has super fast and uncapped connections – even today. For me the problem is even worse because I have to run it inside a VM (VirtualBox) on a network where it is not allowed to have such test stuff accessing the Internet. The problem it creates is that this developer preview ‘absolutely’ requires a connection even to do something as simple as adding Windows components (through the add/remove programs control panel). Why it has to go to the Windows Update site just to get something that should be on the local install media is beyond me!

On the positive side I’m really impressed with the boot-up speed. General performance/response is really good (yes, even inside a VM). I only have 2GB memory allocated to it and it doesn’t feel too sluggish – but yes, I’m not running any hectic applications inside it.

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