QuickMon Version 2.3 and Installers

I’ve now updated the QuickMon installers to include some ‘new’ functionality that allows you to choose to install the Windows service as part of the MSI installation.

There are still a few possible quirks – like what happens when you choose not to install the service initially (and do it manually afterwards) or when uninstalling the MSI (without removing the service manually) and then installing a new version ‘and then ‘choosing to install the service. In that case you get an error message that the service is already installed (duh as if you don’t know), the MSI Installer fails and rolls back completely. The solution (one of them) is to simply install the MSI and not choose to install/register the service in Service Manager.


I’ve learned a whole bunch of new ‘things’ about the standard VS installer during all of this. Mostly how limited the build-in Installer technology is but also some tweaks you can do to still (despite) get something good out of it.

Here is a few tips I came across:

1. When you add a ‘Checkboxes’ custom dialog to the ‘User Interface’ of the installer and want to use the checkbox value as a condition in one of the Custom Action it must look like this e.g: ‘CHKINSTALLSERVICE=1’  (without the quotes). I tried all kind of weird combinations like =”True”, =”1″ etc. that didn’t work…

2. You can have the MSI Installer call the ‘Installer’ classes housed inside your service project (and automatically install it) by adding a ‘Custom Action’ – ‘Install’ action. The default for it is to look for any installer classes inside the assembly. Similarly you can add the same for ‘Uninstall’ but this requires that the service has actually been installed (which is a problem for me since the user can choose not to install it at all)

3. Adding the “-install” and “-uninstall” parameters is nice and all but please remember to run it under an Administrator account (elevated) otherwise it simply fails with an “Access is denied” error. If you understand why then it seems obvious but for people that do not know about this it could be a pain (the error message does not tell you why ‘Access is denied…’)

4. The whole ‘backwards compatibility ID generation thing still baffles me. Upgraded projects (from VS2008 to VS2010) does not show it and the default on VS2010 is false. If not set it seems each time you install a newer version any copy of your shortcuts (like pinned to the taskbar) becomes ‘invalid. This is really a big pain (yes, it is probably easy enough to just unpin/pin again to fix it…)

5. The whole ‘Target platform’ thing is a mess – especially when the solution is under source control. Why do you have to check out the whole project just to change the Target platform setting to rebuild the MSI installer? Why is there not an option to build ‘both’ x86 and x64 at the same time (separate directories or something)?

6. Yes, using a better Installer tool like Wix will probably help… still need to learn how to use it. Anyone have some good tutorials somewhere? 🙂


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