Post PC world

I read somewhere this morning (one of the RSS feeds from about someone (not pointing fingers) that made another claim that we are going into the ‘post-pc’ world… Right, I almost burst out in loud laughter!


So what exactly is a ‘personal computer’? Or more specifically, what do you understand from the words ‘personal’ and ‘computer’? Surely anything that has computing power – like a classical ‘PC’, smart phone, tablet, laptop, abacus 😉 etc. and is a personal ‘possession’ can be classified as a ‘personal computer’… sorta. Yes, even that fancy stupid little iPad/iPhone etc falls under that description. Actually, it is just another iteration of the ‘personal computer’ idea. Nothing more. Move along fruity fanboys.. 🙂


The conclusion I can make about these statements (like mentioned in the first paragraph) is that it is merely a ‘sales’ pitch from someone trying to sell or market something they will get some benefit from. Period.

Desktop computer

Now here is a device that may be becoming a bit ‘old’. But I doubt it will disappear anytime soon. All we really still need from them is to be able to ‘verbally’ respond back to our commands… er wait, that is my 2051 comment for pc’s… Anyway, Don’t always believe what those sales/marketing crooks tell ya. All they really want is your money!

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