Is it just me or does Google+ seem very quiet lately? At one point people were raving and bragging about how much better it is than that ‘other’ social site. Seems the ‘show’ is over and the people got bored with it being just ‘another’ social web site ‘out there’. I guess you sometimes win and sometimes loose… right google?

Thankfully Microsoft didn’t get crazy and created their own version… oh wait, they had one for years but no one is paying attention to it anymore anyway… Windows Live which should rather be called Windows dying.. (just joking).

At least Microsoft don’t push it in your face anymore so it is not that bad. I still use my Hotmail account – which I incidentally had since ‘BEFORE’ Microsoft bought Hotmail all those many moons ago.

Anyway, was fun while it lasted. Cheers G-.. I mean +, whatevar

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